Project Description

Opcalia : “Espace Compétences” Application

Client :

Opcalia is an OPCA, an organization approved by the French State to collect, pool and redistribute financial obligations paid by companies for trainings and apprentices tax.
In 2017, Opcalia managed more than € 1.2 billion in collections and is a major player in training for 230,000 companies and 2.5 million employees.

Our client’s problem :

To carry out its training mission, Opcalia must know the needs of companies in terms of employee skills. Opcalia was looking for a way to obtain this information in real time in order to change its standards and training offers.

Service presentation :

For Opcalia, Codixis created a web application with several interfaces.
An interface for companies, making it possible to create job descriptions based on the required skills. For this interface, the simplicity of use has been sought to allow a rapid adoption of the tool.
An interface for professional branches to visualize in real time the skills needed by companies and identify growing needs.
An interface for Opcalia advisors and training organizations to enable them to better support the companies in their portfolio.

Target :

HR functions with 230,000 companies
Training organizations
Training Advisors

Technology :

Symfony 4
Elastic Search

Methodology :

Agile methodology, no specifications
Production of an MVP after 4 Sprints of 10 working days (2 months of development). Team consisting of two developers, a designer, a Scrum Master. The Product Owner function was provided by the customer.