Business case in Pharma : Improving KOL management with new tools

Recently, we were briefed by the french subsidiary of Top 10 Pharma on a project in order to support a KOL community in participating actively in the scientific development plan of one of its key product in cardiology.

The project was supported by a dynamic and cross functional team (Medical, Digital Marketing, IT) with a good vision on how the service will be part of their major plan. It was a good thing, as the budget available for this initiative wasn’t that big !

Within this envelope, the team first think about a Saas private social network. They found two options : a service dedicated to pharma and another, generalist. Main cost for those options where cost of licenses and customization was limited or prohibitive.

We took the challenge and we decided to Customize a best in class Open source social network base, Humhub, with on premises installation. Driven with agility, this project gave birth 3 weeks later to a customized platform including customer experience, functions and specific compliance requirements. As all teams members were involved during the project, validation and deployment of the platform was very fast.


Within a restricted budget, the team created great value for the group identifying a easily scalable solution that fits similar needs for others business units and will then be re-used locally or exported to other subsidiaries.

During a meeting the question of adoption was raised. Indeed, if the service is not adopted, money, time and energy spent in building it are lost.

Our experience is that communication and adoption actions are key to enhance the use of new tools and foster long term adoption. Actions will also need to be personalized to each end-user if we want them to be adapted and impactful.

Our solution &Shift was used to monitor KOL’s commitment in using the new service and to trigger personalized actions to boost engagement. The team knows daily what it the overall activity and engagement rate on the platform and can measure the impact of their actions.



Using the campaign builder and e-mail builder functions, engagement campaigns are quickly designed and deployed. &Shift ensures them to have maximum of impact among their KOL community with minimum efforts. Thanks to planification functions, the team can easily share its communication planning and adapt it to scientific events or internal business calendar.

This project exactly reflects what we love to do at Codixis. From a blank page but with a clear vision of your goals, we’ll find the best technical solutions providing adapted and engaging business applications, to make your digital transformation a success!


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About the Author:

Graduated from Neoma, Sacha worked as a project director for 5 years for the French leader in multi-channel for the health industry . He then joined AstraZeneca, a world major pharmaceutical company, in 2010 and was Digital Director for France, implementing challenging international projects and leading the digital transformation of the company. With a strong customer sense & innovation driven thinking, Sacha is CEO of Codixis France and co-creator of andshift solution.