Project Description

OPCO Mobilités : Extranet M-Gestion

Presentation of OPCO Mobilités :

OPCO Mobilités is the operator of skills in the mobility trades.
OPCO Mobilités is mandated by the corporate officers of 22 branches and the RATP to implement and apply training and competencies policies to 1.6 million employees and 210,000 companies in France.

Problematic to answer :

OPCO Mobilités was formed by partial contributions of assets from ANFA and OPCA Transports et Services.
As such, OPCO Mobilités inherited two different online management tools (extranet) available to affiliates and members.
In December 2019, OPCO Mobilité launched a call for tenders to develop its new unified web portal and thus offer its affiliates an optimized user experience thanks to a modern, efficient and ergonomic tool.

Presentation of the service developed :

M-Gestion is an extranet allowing companies affiliated and / or members of OPCO Mobilités to:

  • Dematerialize their requests for training support, professionalization contract, apprenticeship contract (unit deposits and bulk deposits),
  • Facilitate the transmission of documents necessary for the management of these requests,
  • Follow the files handled by OPCO Mobilités, payments, invoices,
  • Access a range of associated services.

The service is available in desktop, tablet and mobile formats.

Particular care has been taken in the ergonomics of the solution and in supporting users step by step.

Targeted users :

The 210,000 companies affiliated with OPCO Mobilités have heterogeneous profiles. From the small neighborhood car garage to the RATP, users have very different profiles.
M-GESTION is therefore aimed at a user target ranging from the business manager in a VSE to the HR manager of a large company.
30,000 unique users use the solution every month.

Technological stack :

Symfony 4
React JS
CI/CD Ansible
Multiples SSO

Method and Project Management :

Team involved :
1 lead tech, 2 developers, 1 designer / UX and 1 scrum master. The function of Product Owner was performed by a member of the OPCO Mobilities team, in direct contact with the development team and the OPCO Mobilities business teams.

Methodology :
Design thinking : 4 workshops (short formats, spread over two weeks) were carried out with business representatives from OPCO Mobilités. Between each workshop, we proposed to the OPCO team tracks from UX, selected those that best meet user expectations, to arrive at a successful design proposal, used for developments.
Agile Development, Scrum : la méthodologie Scrum a été appliquée tout au long du projet avec artefacts Scrum (Sprint planning, daily meeting, sprint demo,…).
Q&A, Testing : With our partner Aldemia, the application has been continuously tested among the development process.

Project duration :
First version put into production 5 months after the launch of the study phase. A small team was then maintained to carry out functional changes and evolutions to the solution.

“Thanks to Codixis, we have built our extranet, a challenge with regard to the deadlines agreed!
My experience of working with Codixis is a fluid collaboration when obstacles arise, simple when the subject is complex and supportive when the method is incomplete.
In addition to making our project, Codixis facilitated the incorporation of design thinking and Scrum into our methodological corpus “

Francis Clément, Head of research and technological development, OPCO Mobilités

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